The Best Eye make Up Tips

The Best Eye make Up Tips

Doesn't it just drive you crazy, when you see a girl with a perfect feline flick of eye liner, when every time you try it, you end up with smudges of black eye liner all the way up to your eyebrow. And isn't it so irritating when you see perfectly applied set of false eye lashes, when you end up glueing them fast to your cheek, or causing your yes so much irritation, you look like a horror movie extra.

But fear not, I have some of the best eye make up tips, to ensure that you always feel happy with your pretty peepers, and you no longer feel that frustration.

Start Your Artwork on a Good Canvas

Before you apply any eye make up, you should make sure that you are applying it to the best possible surface. So, before you do anything, use an oil free eye make up remover or cleanser (such as micellar water) on the eyelids to ensure that they are free of any grease or oil. This will ensure that there will be no smudges of liner or shadow. Also, before putting nay shadow or liner on, rub a dab of eye primer over the upper lid, this will help your eye make up to last longer, as well as, stopping the dreaded cracking in a creasing of eye shadow.

Get The Liner Right

Eye liner is probably one of the most frustrating beauty products there is, because it can be so difficult to apply and so difficult to get right. But, there are a few simple tips, that can help you, get flawless liner every time (well almost):

  • If you want your liner to last, choose a waterproof eye liner, this will stop it from running or smudging, when being exposed to the you know, the weather can't be trusted.
  • For a smoky liner look, chose a khol eye liner pencil and apply near to the the lashes, both above and below the eye. Using a slightly damp make up sponge, smudge the liner to create an effortless smoky effect.
  • To create a really sharp and smooth line with your liquid liner, make sure your eye is open so you can see what you are doing. And for stability rest your elbow on a hard, flat surface.
  • For a softer way to make your eyes, use a eye liner in a more subtle shade, such a brown or grey, which will give a more natural definition of the eye.

Marvelous Mascara

In my opinion, if there is only one make up product you wear, it should be mascara – just a little bit of mascara will help open up the eyes, by making the eyelashes more prominent. Here are some foolproof mascara tips, for extra pretty peepers:

  • Avoid the dreaded mascara clumps when trying to thicken the appearance of your eyelashes, by applying several thin coats of mascara instead of one thick coat. Make sure each coat of mascara is dry, before you apply the next.
  • When applying the mascara, do it from root of the lash to tip... this will help create an even coverage, as well as stopping the lashes from being weighed down.
  • To give the eyes a bigger appearance, use an eyelash curler, but only once the mascara has dried. For a longer lasting curl, slightly warm your eyelash curlers by blasting them for a few seconds with the warm air of a hair dryer and hold on the lashes until cooled. This will set the curl, to last all day.

Super Chic Eye Shadow

I've already gave you the best tip for long lasting eye shadow – applying a primer beforehand – but there are a few other tips that will help you achieve lovely lids, every time:

  • It's worth shopping around, and investing in a decent set of eye brushes that will blend any eye shadow perfectly and last the test of time.
  • If you apply too much eye shadow, it can look too heavy and crease over time. Avoid this by using blotting paper to remove any excess, and no need to worry, it won't affect eye liner.
  • If you struggle with conventional eye shadows, consider using eye shadow crayons instead. They are much easier to apply and they can be blended easily with just a few dabs of the finger tips.

If you want to give your make up collection a little bit of an overhaul this Spring, to try our all your newly acquired eye make up skills, then make sure it doesn't cost you the earth to do so. Before you impulse buy anything, make sure to shop around for the best bargains and deals, and check to see if your favourite shop has some voucher codes for beauty products.

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