How to Choose the Right Bra for You

How to Choose the Right Bra for You

February is the month of love, with Valentine's Day and the 29th – the day that comes once every four years – where traditionally women propose to the man in their life. With so much romance in the air, many of you girls will be looking to buy some new gorgeous underwear, maybe to surprise that special someone, or just to make yourself feel special.

But, probably, every woman will know the pain of a badly fitted bra – not only can it give a less than perfect foundation for an outfit, but it can also cause a degree of physical discomfort. A badly fitting bra can cause a number of health problems, including:

⦁ Shoulder and neck pain, as well as headaches from straps that are too tight and cut into the skin.

⦁ Compression and distortion of the breast tissue from cups that are too small, by squishing it out of the top, bottom, or even the sides of the bra.

⦁ Back pain and stretching of the breast tissue, from bras that do not offer adequate support. Poorly supporting bras can lead to breasts drooping and sagging, over time.

How to Choose the Right Bra

Every woman should feel comfortable, supported in her bra, not uncomfortable and unattractive. With so much choice on the market, it can be overwhelming for any woman – in the end it may just seem easier to choose the bra that is the prettiest, without even considering if it will fit your breast type, of sit right under the clothes you wear. For example, if clingy t-shirts are all you ever wear, a t-shirt bra is probably going to be a better choice than an ornate, beaded or lace number, with detail that will show through.

Back to finding the right fit. Did you know that around 80% of women are putting themselves through the agony of wearing the wrong size bra – if you are reading this, you are probably one of them. In this day and age, there is no logical for this, especially since most large department stores and underwear shops, offer a free bra fitting service. Take advantage of this service and determine the your correct bra size, once and for all, so at leas when you you do go shopping for some new bras – either online or in store – you are searching for your correct size.

That is half the battle, the other half s ensuring that the bra you have chosen, fits correctly, these indicators will help you...

⦁ If the underwire does not lie flat against the chest wall, or the centre does not rest on the breastbone, then the cups of the bra are definitely too small. You can tell if the fit is right, if when you lift your arms up over your head, without the underwire rising.

⦁ If you're wearing a strapless bra and you keep having to pull it up, then the band size is too small. When wearing strapless, you need a really firm fit, to ensure that you stay comfortable and supported.

⦁ The band should always be sitting horizontally across the back, if it riding up at the back in an arching shape, it is probably because the band size is too large, and therefore not givin adequate support to your breasts.

⦁ If the cups are gaping or creased then they are definitely too small, and going down a cup size is probably the best option. There is also the option of adding some padding to give a better fit – this will also stop a bra that is too large, distorting the fit of your clothes.

⦁ Your breasts should never be spilling out of the bra, especially being pushed out the top to give the double bump appearance. If this is the case, go up a cup size, and if you are still not sure, try on a t-shirt over your bra to ensure that it is giving you the shape that you want.

⦁ If the bra straps leave red marks on your shoulders, it is an indication that they are digging into the skin, which will cause pain over a day of wear. It could be that you have the straps too tight, so try adjusting them, to see if it gives a more comfortable fit. If this doesn't work, then the indication is that the band size is too large, and is therefore not offering enough support, meaning the shoulder straps are taking the majority of the strain.

Remember your bra size is likely to change throughout the course of your life, just because you are a 34C now, doesn't mean you will always be, so be sure to get regular fittings. And why not make your pocket as comfortable as your new bra, by searching for lingerie discount codes before you click the 'checkout' button.

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