How to choose a perfect eye shadow? Tips and tricks

What is the most important thing in makeup and can change your overall look (either positively or negatively)? Yes, you are right, it’s the makeup of your beautiful sparkling eyes. In opinion, a flawless eye makeup is as important as a flawless base that makes the strong ground for your makeup. And in achieving all these the selection of right eye shade plays an important role.

Here is the basic trick. Always try to choose an eye shade by keeping in mind the color of your hairs, eyes and skin, instead of matching your eye shade color with your outfit. And of course same applies to the case if you use colored contact lenses i.e. you will then consider the lens color rather your original eye color while applying eye shade. Because otherwise it will give your eyes a strange look and also impact your overall style.



Selection of eye shades on the basis of skin color

If a woman have darker complexion, then she should avoid to use light eye shades. For women having a fair/light complexion have a lot of options available, so it's quite difficult sometime for them to choose an appropriate color. The tip for this is that they can go for natural colors like shades of browns (to make it more easier) because this is the color that always do the trick.



Selecting eye shade on the basis of eye color

This chart will give you a clear idea that which kind of eye shade will be appropriate for you.

Blue eye


Brown, grey, copper, camel, pink, violet, purple, lilac, golden and silver are convenient shades for women having blue eye color


Black/Brown eye


For women having eye color black, light brown or dark brown, surely have lots of varieties and variation of shades in dark blue, brown, bluish grey, copper, violet, vanilla, golden, pink and purple.


Green eye


These eye colored women should use different shades of deep purple, brown and lilac. They should avoid to use shades like silver, white, blues and pink.




Do keep this in mind that using darker shades will make your eye look smaller and light shades makes your eye look big. Hence you can also enhance your eye structure while playing with colors.

I hope this article makes your life a bit easy. You can find different deals on eye makeup products @ Skin care and beauty.

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