How to avoid dry hands as the cold weather strikes in

Along with the charming face, beautiful hands and feet make your personality more attractive. Our hands needs the same kind of attention that we give to our face (e.g. moisturizing, cleansing etc.). As we all know that the most exposed parts of our body to the outside world are our hands and face; and hence are more sensitive as the changing weather affects these areas more. It's important to keep your skin and specially hands in a tip top shape. Because, trust me for sure, every person somehow takes a glimpse of your hands and that’s why they should look nice and soft. And besides all it also makes you feel good.

Now, here we will discuss some simple and effective ways to make sure you have a beautiful skin in the changing weather and cracked hands can be avoided.

1 - Use of hand moisturizer should be done religiously before going to bed. It's also good to use moisturizer after every hand wash.

2 - Try to use lemon juice on your hands twice a week. Then wash your hands thoroughly with simple water and apply hand moisturizer. It will make your skin nice and clean.

3 - Whenever you have time try to move your fingers for a few movements, in a way, like you are typing on a computer. This exercise will maintain flexibility in your hand.

4 - Try to keep your hands clean all the time. Like we use cleanser for our face, you can also use cleanser for your hands and that's a lemon. Cut a lemon in two halves and rub them on your hands thoroughly. It will wipe away all the dirt, oil and bad odors from hands. And to enhance your hand beauty a bit more, make a mixture comprising of rose water and glycerin and apply on hands before going to bed. Your skin will look fresh and vibrant.

5 - In chilly season, it's good to be more specific about the products that you are using. Try to use natural products or those that have a high quantity of moisturizer in it. Avoid using soaps and products that includes extra chemicals in it.

6 - If you have a shortage of time and you can't use home remedies that buying a good quality hand mask will also do the trick. You can use it at least once a week for better results.

7 - Avoid washing of soaking your hands in water a bit less in winter in comparison to any other season and always use warm water (same applies to the bath). Because over washing and the use of hot water will pull out all the essential oils of your skin. You can always use gloves to keep them safer.

Soft and spotless hands, with properly filled nails, enhance your personality and fascinate others about your beauty. As like your face and hairs, your hands also need something extra. Make sure you are giving your hands the kind of attention they need.

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