Choosing a Superb Gift Watch For a Lady

Choosing a Superb Gift Watch For a Lady

Love is in the air. A gift watch would be a lovely gift for any lady out there. However, women are very picky when accepting gifts especially if they are to wear the gift. Watches are different in the materials used, weight, size, and shape. How the can you choose the right watch for your lady?

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Get the strap right

A watch strap is as important as the watch itself to a lady. Before a girl likes a watch, she would have fallen in love with the strap itself. The market is awash with different designs and makes of straps. There are crystal straps; leather straps, classy bracelets, rubber straps and pendant (that is strapless) watches. Cartier creates timeless and chic bracelet watches. Think of anything that looks like jewelry; rings, necklaces, etc. There is also a wide range of colors to match her favorite dressing, jewelry, and even shoes.

Select a casing shape she loves

The casing defines the primary style of the watch. There are three popular feminine styles; round that has a soft touch, heart shape which looks lovely and square that is somehow masculine, but great for sport style watches. Finally, the highly fashionable chic rectangular shape is also great.

Choose the right material for the watch

Watches come in materials ranging from stainless steel to ceramic, chrome, platinum and gold. Stainless steel is a common material and gives the watch a solid look. Platinum and gold jewelry watches are very lovely. Ceramic on the other gives a polished look and is not easily scratched. Fossil and Rado brands lead in creating polished shades of ceramic women watches while Rolex have built a name for creating gold ladies watch with shades of pink, yellow and rose color.

Look for the wow! Factor on the watch

Women have a soft spot for luxurious items. If you can afford, look for exquisite watch that will mesmerize her. Think of diamonds and gold as add-ons on watches to create a feeling of luxury and add elegance. Chopard La Strada is a common brand in luxury diamond watches. Platinum, pearls, and amber are also lovely add-ons that make the watch more of a jewelry timepiece. Brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Bulgari, are good at making luxury watches. Watches follow the current fashion trends around the globe. Thus, you are likely to find a lot of options to select from.

Buy a watch that matches the occasion

Ladies no longer buy watches to wear them daily. They own tablets and phones that have watch capabilities. Watches are bought for a certain occasion or prestige.

If you are buying a watch for a runner or one who loves workouts, consider one with an inbuilt timer. Tag Heuer and Casio have made a name in creating sporty watches. If the watch is for evening parties, an elegant, glittering timepiece will enhance her ego. In this case, diamonds, gold, and other precious stones would work for her.

Look for best deals

There several online outlets where you can get a good deal. Since images on the sites do not always conform to desired dimensions, ensure you ask for detailed descriptions. Ask for warranty and guarantees for your watch should you need to repair it in the future. Get ready to surprise her with a beautiful watch.

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