Blush on - an important aspect of clean looking makeup

Blush on - an important aspect of clean looking makeup

One of the essential aspect, to keep your makeup looking fresh and clean, is the blush. It helps define your cheekbones and makes your face looking beautiful, glowing, healthy and youthful. Wearing the blush on seems straight forward, but kind of tricky as well because it can overdo your looks if not applied properly.

There are two types of blush on available in the market for use; cream blush and powder blush.

Powder blushes: -

Powder blush is good to use for oily skin. Powder blush is good when it's hot out there. It gives a more finished look, ideal for contouring cheekbones.

Cream blushes: -

Cream blush is good for normal to dry skin. It is better to use cream blush in cold weather. It works good for skin to give anti aging effect.

Tips and tricks: -

  • Whatever type of blush you decide to choose, always select the color which is most likely to your natural skin.
  • For all day long lasting effect, first apply cream blush as base and than top it up with the powder blush of same color.
  • For a true natural effect on your face, first apply cream blush as base (you can use fingers or any blush brush which ever you like). Then carry on with the foundation like as in normal make up routine and give a finishing touch by applying powder blush at the end.

For sure, there isn't a single rule or one right way to apply blush. Its application depends on the face shape of the wearer, so there is a separate way of wearing blush for each of us. For example; circle, oval, square shape faces have separate tips and techniques for applying blush.

So stay tuned because in our next coming blog, we will be discussing different tips and techniques of how to apply blush on depending on your face shape. Till then you can take a look and buy some new blush colors or blush brush for you, also with some discount by using our discount and voucher codes.

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