Beauty Trends for Winter 2015

Party season is here and Christmas is hot on it's heels, meaning there is no shortage of soirées and special occasions to attend. Sometimes it is nice to have an excuse to really dress up and devote a little bit of extra time to making yourself feel beautiful with some carefully applied make-up.

Just as there are new trends in womenswear with each new season, there are new beauty trends to try out too. And for Winter 2015 there is a whole host of fresh new beauty trends, that will make you want to buy a trolley full of new make up and beauty tools, just so you can try them all out. Some of the trends are super easy to achieve, and some are definitely for the more daring beauty babes, but all are sure to make a splash at that Christmas party.

Bold Eyeliner

For a beauty trend that is all drama, and sure to draw plenty of attention, is the bold eyeliner trend. It isn't just the cat's eye flick that is popular this season, it is all about pushing the boundaries of eyeliner application....literally. The lines are bold, sharp and most importantly heavy and thick – liner is applied in thick brush strokes right into the corner of the eye, and in some cases even way above the lid.

This look requires precision, so invest in a really good eyeliner pen or gel liner – to get a really steady line, rest your elbow on a hard, steady surface and apply in one smooth movement. Avoid the drag queen look by keeping the rest of your make up fresh and natural, and just a touch of colour on the lips. But, feel free to apply coat after coat of mascara – those eyes will be looking fierce.

Gothic Lips

The red and berry lips have finally fell out of favour and for Winter 2015, if you want to be on trend with your statement lip, you need to go a whole lot darker. Blackcurrant shades, some almost verging on black, are the lip colours of choice for the colder months, but fear not for when they are worn the right way, they are more gorgeous glam, than teenage goth.

The Gothic lip by Emanuel Ungaro and Giles


To make the super dark lip work it should be teamed with otherwise neutral make up, with just a touch of mascara and barely there blusher. To much make-up with a Gothic lip may create a clownish appearance, more pantomime than perfection. The lips are the focal point and they should be the the only focal point.

Caramel Eyes

For those who want a more subtle beauty trend that will really make their eyes pop, then look no further than caramel-coloured eye shadows. Caramel and coffee tones, work well with all eye colours and it is a bit more current than sparkling gold shades that are the usual for party season. A little bit of shimmer is good, but leave the glitter and over-the-top sparkle to the Christmas tree.


The caramel eye is perfect for daytime chic when teamed with a soft nude lip, a touch of mascara and a hint of coral blusher on the cheekbones. For a more of a evening party look, add some highlighter to the brow bones and cheekbones, an extra coat of mascara and a deeper lip colour – a dusky rose pink will complement the caramel to perfection. Also, why not match your eyes to your nails with a toffee colored stylish.

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