Beauty Tips – Fantastic Feet in Winter

Beauty Tips – Fantastic Feet in Winter

During the colder months, you may end up neglecting your feet, as they are constantly covered up to protect them from the low temperatures. That awful feeling of cold toes can actual cause physical pain, no pair of strappy sandals is worth that – well maybe some Jimmy Choos. What I'm trying to say is, that your precious feet certainly don't get the attention they deserve during winter.

Your feet are loyal to you all year round, but it is only in summer, where they seem to get any special treatment. They allow themselves to be crammed into insanely high shoes, and they will carry you through endless shopping trips. Don't you think your feet deserve a little bit of pampering? Especially during the winter when the skin can really suffer?

Be good to your feet and they will be good to you. So take the weight off them for a while, adnd follow these simple beauty tips for fabulous feet.

Be Rough to Be Smooth

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice soak of the feet, with a few scented candles and flicking through the pages of your favourite magazine or a good book. Not only is it super relaxing, it also is really good for the feet, by keeping them soft and clean. Add a few drops of olive or argan oil to some warm water (maybe add a scented essential oil for added luxury), and soak the feet for around 10 minutes. Soaking for any longer might cause the feet to wrinkle and prune, which won't be beneficial to the next step...scrubbing!

When the skin of the feet has become soft and supple from the soaking, a good scrub will easily remove the dead skin and smooth out any rough or dry areas. Instead of using a foot scrub, you can use a pumice stone, which work better when the feet are still a little damp, and remember to go with the grain of the feet.

Never Underestimate a Good Pair of Shoes

In the right pair of shoes, a woman can take on the world. How true this is, as well as the right pair of shoes, being good for the feet too. Just because those gorgeous high heeled pointed beauties are half price, this doesn't mean you should squeeze your poor feet into a pair several sized too small. Shoes that are too small, are sure to cause painful blisters and unpleasant corns, it is only a matter of time. Be sure to wear well fitting shoes and to break them in before you decide to wear them on a long night out – it isn't a classy look to be walking barefoot to a taxi rank at 3am with those shoes slung over your shoulder.

Smooth and Soothe

The skin on the feet is just like any other skin on the body – it needs some added moisture (especially in winter) to keep it smooth. To keep the skin soft and supple, you will need to invest in a good moisturiser, and a thicker one than your usual cream, as the skin of the feet is thicker. Emollient creams are probably best as they help to draw moisture into the skin, ensuring the feer are at their smoothest.

If your feet are extremely dry, an overnight moisturising treatment will sure to be effective. Slather your feet in a generous covering of cocoa butter (or your favourite deep moisturising cream) and cover with a pair of 100% cotton socks. In the morning you will have super soft feeling feet that you will be dying to show off.

Don't Suffocate Your Feet

In the cold weather, it can feel so good to slip on an extra pair of socks, or to leave your shoes on, to keep those toes warm and cosy, but every now and then, your feet need to breathe. If you keep socks and feet on non-stop, thanks to sweat an dirt, you are creating a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, such as athlete's foot.

Treat Your Toenails Too

Whilst it is true that a perfectly polished set of toenails can be a beautiful thing, but if you leave that polish on for too long, it can wear down the nails, causing them to become brittle. In addition, some nail polish removers, contain ingredients that will dry out the nails. Be sure to choose a polish remover that is gentle on the nails and also promotes hardening, and always use a strengthening base coat, before applying any nail varnish.

Also take care of those cuticles, by gently pushing them back, as opposed to cutting them, which can cause an infection – they are easier to push back after a nice soaking in warm water. Keep cuticles moisturised with cuticle cream or a little Vaseline.

Why not be extra good to your feet throughout these cold winter months, and wrap them up in a fluffy pair of slipper socks, and putting them up to do your shopping from home. You are certain to get some of the best deals whilst shopping online, especially if you check for Voucher Codes or Discounts before hitting that checkout button. Why not check out these Health and Beauty Voucher Codes, to get those beautiful feet, for a bargain price.

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