Are Your Makeup Choices Compromising Your Natural Beauty?

Are Your Makeup Choices Compromising Your Natural Beauty?

Have you ever thought that you might be compromising your natural beauty by using the wrong kind of makeup? In the desire to look pretty, many women fall into the trap of trying too hard to change their features instead of emphasizing them and making them shine.

Every woman who wears makeup heard at least once the phrase 'Why do you wear makeup? You are much prettier without it'. Sure, this usually can make one really angry. But if you hear this over and over again, you might want to reconsider your makeup choices.

Here are some commonly encountered situations:


Very intense eye shadows

They are meant for parties, carnivals and special events that usually happen at night. Let's not forget that there are shades for daytime and nighttime. If you go for them every single day, you should get a new eye shadow palette. Whether you go for warm or cool tones, make sure they are discreet and appropriate for daytime.

eye-shadows - makeup tips

Bold lip colors

It might be fun to get to have lips in every color of the rainbow and everything in between. But that doesn't mean that they will look flattering. Blue, black or green don't only look downright fake, but they are usually totally inappropriate and can ruin a perfect makeup.

Don't even think of using them every day, casually or in business meetings. Use bold lip colors only for occasions that involve a special makeup.

bold lip colour - Makeup tips

Overdrawn lips

They might be the trendiest hit in makeup now, but not everyone can pull them off without looking fake. This is a big hit and miss. You either master the technique or drop it altogether. A tiny mistake or a wrong move of the lip pencil and you might end up looking clownish.

overdrawn lips - makeup tips

Over-emphasized eyebrows

Eyebrows should be neat and kempt, but without looking tacky. This is one area where you want to tone down the makeup. A little will go a long way. Forget about experiments and stick to a natural shape. Also, don't get them all black if you don't have a deep skin tone and dark hair. They will look too sharp and fake.

over-emphasized eyebrows - makeup tips

Using the inappropriate shade of foundation

You might love a tan and want to have that glowy bronze skin for the whole year. But if your skin is fair, don't just get a foundation that is a few shades darker to look as if you just came back from Hawaii.

Foundation often oxidizes and if you are wearing a darker one than you should, it could look orangey and totally unappealing. Stick to an adequate foundation and use some bronzer instead.

makeup foundation - makeup tips

Not moisturizing before applying foundation

You should either use a primer or a moisturizer. It's your choice, but don't skip this step otherwise your face will get cakey and flaky in no time. The dryness will surface and the foundation will work to your disadvantage.

Wearing the wrong shade of blush

A bit of blush can make you look more youthful and fresh. But don't overdo it. First of all, get one that would look nice on your complexion. Stick to lighter shades of pink if you have a fair skin and only get deeper ones if your skin has a deep tone as well.

Wrong blush shade - makeup tips

Secondly, don't overdo it. A bit of it is enough, otherwise you will look as if you just got slapped in the face.

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